Izzy Wisher
University of York

Early prehistory, cognitive evolution, human evolution, primatology, Neanderthals, and the Mesolithic.

About me:

I'm currently a third year studying a BSc in archaeology. I was initially drawn to archaeology through my interest in history and heritage, and archaeology provided the opportunity to combine this interest with my love of science. I'm particularly interested in early prehistory and human origins, and I have a fascination with Neanderthals! I find the cognitive differences between Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans is particularly intriguing, especially with how these cognitive differences impact the archaeological signature the two species leave behind. As a result of my interest in hominin cognition, I also find aspects of psychology, primatology and neurology interesting, and I place great merit in using an inter-disciplinary approach to archaeology.


Monkeying Around: An Evaluation of How Analogies with Modern Primates Can Help Make Inferences About Early Human Behaviour
##Introduction The behaviour of the closest living relatives to modern humans can give a tentative insight into how early humans may have behaved. Through obs...

ISSN 2052-0778 (print)
ISSN 2051-9745 (online)

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