isolation 2 return of the plague

Term is finished and instead of celebrating I’m in isolation… Again! Annoying, but not in reality that surprising, I saw it coming the way you would bad weather. Friends were dropping like flies, going into isolation flat by flat giving us the feeling of being surrounded! It really was only a matter of time. Unlike last time, multiple people in my flat have COVID (blessedly I’m not one of them) this makes the situation hit harder than before. The disease isn’t isolated to one person with minimal symptoms, nearly half the flat has it and while none have had serious reactions, they’ve all had much worse reactions than when COVID last grassed the flat with its presence.  

It means we’ve had to change our way of living, particularly how we interact with each other, none of us want it spreading more among the flat so we’re keeping to ourselves. It’s definitely strange having to check the group chat to see who’s in the kitchen before entering! I’d say this isolation has the promise of being lonelier, which is weird because I know there are people in the room next to me, I just can’t go and bother them anymore.

That’s not to say there haven’t been good moments, we’ve been doing nightly zoom calls where we’ve played various games and quizzes. Just because our game nights take place behind a screen now doesn’t mean we’re less competitive, or I should say doesn’t mean I’M less competitive! I’ve also kept myself busy experimenting with makeup that I’d never leave the flat In! It’s fun and a different way for me to be artistic, it doesn’t do my skin many favours but as I said I’m not seeing anyone so it doesn’t really matter! It’s been easier so far with the weather not being as fantastic as it was last week, I know once the sun returns properly I’ll be staring wistfully out my window. I wonder if it’s possible to sunbathe from the light that manages to reach my room? If nothing else this time has given me the chance to catch up on the shows and movies I’ve been meaning to watch. Russel Howard’s new show is definitely one I recommend, he never fails to make me laugh! 

I’ve also decided I’m going to try and top up my hair colour myself! I’ve had the colour here for a while but have previously just waited till my mum (a qualified hairdresser) was able to do it rather than just doing it myself (me being very much unqualified and in all likelihood quite bad at it) if all fails no one will see the bad hair anyway so I may as well give it my best shot!


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Antonia Thompson White
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