The start of a new term

By now I probably should have expected that this term would be different from the last. I was extremely lucky to get back to york just in time! As much as I miss my family I knew that York I was the best place to be once term started up again. It was definitely quite funny seeing the influx of students in kings cross fleeing the capital! And I hope that one guy I saw sprinting with several bags and an ironing board made it to where he wanted to go.

A new term brings new modules, and while I do miss the in person workshops in the year centre, the modules we have this term are fascinating! My favourite would have to be the archaeological science lectures, the content is all so interesting! As someone who hasn’t done science since GCSE (unless you count A-level psychology) it’s been a while since I’ve learnt about carbon, half life’s or radiation. So learning about them again is definitely making my brain turn on. It is a bit difficult, especially when something comes up that you remember learning about, yet can’t quite remember in enough detail to understand straight away. There is no harm using google on terms or phrases you're not quite clear on! Your lectures would rather you look it up and understand what they're talking about than you sitting there confused. For some of the terms that have popped up frequently I’ve started to create a little list of definitions, just till I can remember them without checking. Archaeology theory is also interesting, if you were someone who enjoyed philosophy or the discussions in religious studies then this is the module for you. I had gotten a slight understanding about the level to which politics affects archaeology last term, but the content of this term is going into far more detail!

While it’s unfortunate that things such as sports and society’s once again can’t meet in person, it’s important that you find something you enjoy doing to break up your work. There are loads of great shows out at the moment, I’ve been enjoying watching the weekly episodes of Wandavision (Disney+). But if you want a break from your screen (since everything is online at the moment) maybe try reading a book series, you could challenge yourself to read a certain amount of books each month. I highly recommend the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, he takes the classic fantasy tropes and mocks them mercilessly they are a thoroughly enjoyable read.

If you're feeling a bit burned out with all your course related reading and therefore don’t fancy reading anymore perhaps you could give baking a try? Most supermarkets sell varying kinds of ready roll pastry and some even do kits for cinnamon rolls and croissants. These are great if you want to bake some tasty treats in between working but don’t have the time (or the skill) to make the pastry yourself. 

I hope everyone is doing okay during this lockdown, hopefully things will start to get back to normal soon!


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