Time flies when you're in lockdown


Just when things were beginning to take shape and my new routine was beginning to emerge BAM! another lockdown. This was unfortunately something which many of us had predicted but there is a difference between hoping against hope that it would not come to this and actually dealing with the reality. As a result, I made the decision to continue my studies online for the remainder of this term. I only had one class in person after the implementation of tier 2 restrictions in York but I no longer wanted to take the risk. This move provided me with more time to prepare for class and my assignments as the time I would usually spend walking to class or cycling was used more productively. I am lucky to have a quiet space to be able to study in at home and am utilising it to the fullest by making it a nice environment to work in with plants and candles. 

I have  really enjoyed writing my summative essays and discussing with staff my ideas and interests. It was nice to be able to get to know them a little bit more via zoom and it has been helpful in building my confidence and making sure I am on the right track for both my essays and career progressions. COVID restrictions have made it difficult to adjust to the new feel of learning and everyone feels very remote, I feel like everyone is simply an acquaintance. But the further we got into the term, the more comfortable we became with one another and it has been so lovely to work on projects together. I have particularly enjoyed preparing a museum display using an osteological report with a team of 4 other students as well as preparing a debate on why the pelvis is the best sexng technique for osteological populations. This was a great opportunity to organise a zoom call, get to know new people on my course and share ideas. Archaeology of human bones is one of my most enjoyable modules this term because of this interactive format which Malin Holst has created. I am new to the field of osteology but the atmosphere in this class has been so friendly and I have very much enjoyed contributing to seminar discussions. Thus, even though the seminar is at 9am on a Wednesday!! It has been the highlight of my week. 

I have also been able to choose my skills modules for next term and am excited for the opportunity to progress my PhD ideas in the field of contested heritage as a site for political activism. I hope to progress my application further over the Christmas holidays as well as hopefully being able to go and see my family in Brighton (COVID permitting!).

Stay safe; I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Author information

Amelia Boddice
MA student | acb594 [at] york.ac.uk