The Post Hole interviews

Duncan Marks, York Civic Trust

Interviewed by Micki McNie, MA Archaeology of Buildings

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Interviewee bio

I have only comparatively recently come into what might be called a heritage role since 2016: as a planning caseworker, then Planning Officer, Acting Executive Manager, and now facilitating the Heritage Planning Studio (aka Planning Club) for the Department.

Before that, I was a historian, completing a PhD at Sheffield University and taught there and later in schools in Oxford. And much, much before that, I was floating around undecided in my career, drifting from being a chef, co-founding a film-making charity, and as a technician for my family's architectural firm.

My connection with the University of York came about when I returned to study for a part-time MA in Conservation Studies in 2015: a perfect marriage of my interest in history and the built environment (shame it took so many decades for me to make that connection!).