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Amelia Boddice | 30th October 2020

This is my first blog post about beginning a masters in Cultural Heritage Management and how the start of term has been affected by COVID-19.

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Jeanne Jebson | 26th October 2020

I am finally on my last month of my Masters by research, archaeological studies at the University of York and preparing a PhD application as we speak- scary stuff!

Chimpanzee skull segmentation process using Avizo lite.
Molly Hardman | 26th October 2020

It is October 2020 and I find myself moving between rooms in my York flat just to change up my daily routine. Or maybe I’m searching for a fresh perspective.

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Antonia Thompson White | 22nd October 2020

Some insight and advice to starting your first year at University while there is a global pandemic.

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Carol Leyland | 2nd December 2019

Crikey, where has this term gone?  It has gone so fast.  I also cannot believe that I am in my third year and now having to think ahead what I would like to do after I finish my degree.

A picture of Eleanor Williams
Eleanor Williams | 24th November 2019

Meet Eleanor, one of our First Editors

Lucy Stevenson
Lucy Stevenson | 29th October 2019

Meet Lucy, one of our Second Editors

Carol Leyland
Carol Leyland | 28th October 2019

Meet Carol, one of our Blog Editors.

Emer Bealin-Kelly | 28th October 2019

Meet Emer, one of our Third Editors