The Post Hole interviews

Dr. Jordi Nadal, Professor of Archaeology

Interviewed by Sonia Pujals Blanch, MA Cultural Heritage Management

Watch the Post Hole's interview with Dr. Jordi Nadal, Professor of Archaeology at University of Barcelona

Interviewee bio

Full Professor Academic training at University of Barcelona

1988: degree in Geography and History, specializing in Prehistory, Ancient History and Archeology. Barcelona University.

1998: Doctor in Prehistory, Ancient History and Archeology. Barcelona University.


- 1996-2004: Professor - Consultant. Barcelona University.

- 1996-2003: Associate Professor. Barcelona University.

- 2003: Full Professor. Barcelona University.

Research Lines

Archaeozoology / Taphonomy / Archeology of hunter-gatherers.

Projects (currently in force)

-Quality Research Group: Seminar on Prehistoric Studies and Research. 2014SGR108. Directorate General of Research. Government of Catalonia. IP: Josep Maria Fullola.

-The last hunters-gatherers in Moianès. La Balma del Gai. 2014/100470. Department of Culture. Government of Catalonia. IP: Jordi Nadal.

-From the Upper Pleistocene to the early Holocene in the peninsular NE: socioeconomics and paleolandscape. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Government of Spain. IP: Josep Maria Fullola.


- Lloveras, L .; Nadal, J .; Moreno-García, M .; Thomas, R .; Anglada, J .; Baucells, J .; Martirell, C .; Vilasís, D., 2014. The role of Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) as a bone accumulator in cliff rock shelters: an analysis of modern bone nest assemblages from north-eastern Iberia. Journal of Archaeological Science 44: 76-90.

- Lloveras, L .; Vicente, O .; Molist, M .; Nadal, J .; Riera, S .; Julia, R .; Estrada, A., 2014. Taphonomic interpretation of marine malacofauna in the Neolithic site of the Barracks of Sant Pau del Camp (Barcelona). Archaeofauna. International Journal of Archaeozoology 23: 169-179.

- Martín, P .; Saladié, P .; Nadal, J .; Vergès, J.M., 2014. Butchered and consumed: small carnivores from the Holocene levels of El Mirador Cave (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain). Quaternary International 353: 153-169.

- Nova, M .; Gamarra, B .; Nadal, J .; Mercadal, O .; Olesti, O .; Guard, J .; Pérez-Pérez, A .; Galbany, J., 2014. Dental shape variability in cercopithecoid primates: a model for the taxonomix attribution of macaques from Roman archaeological context. Folia primatologica 85: 361-378.

- Valenzuela, S .; Valenzuela, L .; Saula, O .; Colet, A .; Mercadal, O .; Subiranas, C .; Nadal, J., 2014. Jewish populations through zooarchaeology and taphonomy. Two examples from medieval Catalonia (Northeastern Spain). Quaternary International 330: 109-117.